I just have to smile to him to get me the watch I want

Whenever I go out, I always wear a watch. It is a necessity for me. If I forget my watch, I feel naked and I am constantly looking at my naked wrist to see what time it is? What does not wrist tell me? It says, “Hey, you forgot to wear your watch.” Now I like watches, I like them to be functional and I like them to be stylish. The watches my husband has bought for me in the past have looked nice and they have been functional. That is my main requirement. The Swiss have the reputation of making some of the world’s best watches. The swiss replica Panerai watches are nice and they are certainly functional.
With a watch that has excellent workmanship, I will not only have a fashionable accessory, but a watch that will keep accurate time. I found a place on the web that had Patek Philippe watches for sale. I showed it to my husband for him to take a look at it. He said the watches looked nice and that the ladies watches would look good on my wrist.
I wonder if he will buy me a watch for my birthday. Do you think I can convince him get me a new watch? I bet all I will have to do is smile at him and direct him to the write place to get me the watch I want.

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