I Picked Up The Wrong Cream

When I can’t seem to decide what cream should I used to my face, I just picked some cream in the display counter when I visited the mall and now here I am suffering from having an adult acne. It was so huge and big that I couldn’t even have the spirit to look myself in front of our mirror. I have to find a solution for this the soonest possible time or else I shall be just doomed inside our house if this ugly adult acne would spread everywhere in my face. Mind you, this is so stressful especially when you don’t have anything to do at home than to scrutinizing always your pimple, it is no fun at all! I feel so remorseful of picking up the wrong cream that I didn’t I was allergic at. Good thing today, the teacher of my daughter in P.E messaged me that Jm could start her training today at the pool, I was able to see the beauty possessed by the green trees and nature nears where the training was held.

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