In a coffee shop

I already have shouted this out to my FB and my friends had a good laugh with it.

Well, it happens when we were in a coffee shop.

Jm ordered a ham and egg sandwich and a milk shake. I ordered a coffee and a sandwich as well. My friend came over to join us when suddenly I called the waiter and blurted out if I could have an ice water, take note we were in a coffee shop and not in a Sari-Sari store!

Ice water here is like bottled water, the difference is that the ice water is stored in plastic cellophane and obviously bottled water is in a bottle, you could usually found the ice water in a small store within a village.

The waiter laughed! He really was not able to keep it, the nerve! LOL anyway, yeah I understand him. Me and my friend also burst out laughing, while my daughter corrected me “Ma, Bottled Water” alright, I was just being silly!

3 Responses to “In a coffee shop”

  1. carinamodella says:

    wehehe! this is sooo funny. oo nga naman mommy :))

  2. *josie* says:

    ibig sabihin sanay din ung waiter sa ice water, eh pwede din nmn na you mean iced water or ice-cold water order mo sa kanya di ba hehehe. thanks sa pagbisita.

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  3. RyHeAnNe says:

    Hehe, sanay na kasi tayo sa ice water Ate, one time nga din nagbiyahe kami at pauwi na sa province. We are in Batangas port, karay ko kapatid ko I am also asking for ice water sa mga variety stores, hehe. Ang sagot eh wala daw! Pinakita sa akin yong bottled water, Di ako nakabili kc kulang naman nahingi kong pera tapos ng bumalik ako sa terminal, parang napahiya ako sa sarili ko, nasa city pala ako wala sa probinsiya. Haha, kung saan my pisong ice water. College na ata ako noon, pa-2nd yr….^_^

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