No Sippy Cup

Finally my little tea pod is no longer using a sippy cup; slowly she drank her milk from a real cup or her little Farlin cup. She sometimes doesn’t like the taste of the Nido, maybe she is really used for Gain but I know we will get there; she would soon drink the Nido. Oh please do F, you really need to drink milk twice a day, I am sorry if we need to change your milk. Gain is too expensive than of the Nido and oh there’s a lot of nutrition you can find in Nido as well, so be a good girl little girl and try to drink more milk. Don’t eat a lot of Koko crunch that is too sweet it would make you more hyper. Maybe thrice a week is okay, or else you will do a lot of jumping and bouncing and running. Mama is no young at all; it is hard for me sometimes to hold you tight or chasing after you. Let me be the one to finish your Koko crunch, don’t you know Mama likes it too? [LOL, just being silly here] Goodnight everyone!

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  1. Grampy says:

    They get big so fast.Try adding a bit of chocolate flavoring in the milk. Or maybe strawberry. I agree the milk is important.

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