Wearing Comfortable Cotton Scrubs

Gone are the days when you visited the doctor’s office or went had to visit a hospital or medical clinic that nurses dressed in white uniforms and doctors in white lab coats. If you remember such TV shows as Ben Casey or the early years of General hospital all the nursing uniforms were white.
Now if you have reason to visit a doctor, the nurses will most likely be wearing all cotton scrubs uniforms. Not only do they provide much more comfort for the wearer, they will come in a variety of patterns and colors. When I take the monster F and her sister Jm to visit their pediatrician or have to take them to a specialist, the staff seems more relaxed in wearing this type of apparel than what was worn in the good old days of Ben Casey.
I wonder if I could get some 100% cotton scrubs to wear around the house or use for pajamas. They certainly look comfortable. If I can get a cheap scrub uniform or too, I would feel cool and relaxed. Well, I wanted to study nursing and I still may do that in the future and I would much rather be able to wear cotton scrubs than those awful old nursing uniforms that we see in old TV shows.

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  1. Selina says:

    oi naka grab ra gyud xa opp from bv hehe welkam to da club grl go go go

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