What To Do During Earthquake 101

When I went out early this morning to pay my daughter’s tuition fee at school, I spotted this noticed to all the students and so I took a picture of it.
The notice contains when you are indoors, outdoors, in a moving vehicle and if trapped under debris.
I will post the others tomorrow.
If Indoors
  • Drop to the ground, take cover by getting under a study table or other piece of furniture and HOLD On until the shaking stops. If there isn’t a table or desk near you, cover your face and head with your arms and crouch in an inside corner of the building.
  • Stay away from the glass, windows, outside doors and walls and anything that could fall, such as lighting, fixtures or furniture.
  • Stay in bed if you are there when the earthquake strikes. Hold on and protect your head with a pillow, unless you are under a heavy light fixture that could fall. In that case move to the nearest safe place.
  • Use a doorway for shelter only if it is in close proximity to you and if you know it is a strongly supported load bearing doorway.
  • Stay inside until the shaking stops and it is safe to go outside. Research has shown that most injuries occur when people inside buildings attempt to move to a different location inside the building or try to leave.
  • Be aware that the electricity may turn off or the sprinkler systems or fire alarms may turn on.
  • Do not use the elevators.

2 Responses to “What To Do During Earthquake 101”

  1. Leah@theorangetub says:

    Yes, I should get my printed reminder for an earthquake, too. Thanks for reminding πŸ™‚ and thanks for visiting my blog sis πŸ™‚

  2. Grampy says:

    Anne I think we will be seeing a lot of signs like that. The Earthquake in Japan was really bad. It set off the Tsunami which did most of the damage.If you live on or near the water front you have to think about that also.

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