Your are not perfect, Mom!

I just read a book about the relationship between the mother and the daughter. Of course we heard about Like Father, Like Sons relationship and bonding but I guess with Mother and Daughter tandem, there is a strong bond there and had a special mix of contradictions. Yes they can be best of friends but when the two collides… just run for the cover!

One of the stories I read from the book was when the mother become suspicious with her teenager activities, so she tried to sneak in her room and read her diary. The daughter knew it and she was pissed off, why can’t she trust me so she made a story, written on her diary. Her mom took the hook; she went to her daughter’s school and followed her at the church to the rooftop. Her daughter knew that her Mom has a fear of heights. She could not believe she would still follow her there, when they saw each other, her Mom’s reactions was mixed of emotions, fears and yeah she could tell her mother is really mad. She ambushed her with questions, like where is your boyfriend, you are absolutely grounded. The daughter doesn’t know how to react, all she said was that I don’t have a boyfriend and I supposed be the one to ask you “What are you doing here?” You are actually reading my diary, Mom that is so private. Why is it hard for you to trust me?” The mom was surprised so her daughter just made it all up. It was her fault and she was so busted.

Love each other, yes but like each other as well, so that you treat each other as people, not just family. that’s where the chance of friendship lies.

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  1. -BJ- says:

    nice entry and cool info……hope you can visit mine and leave a comment….see you on my world…

  2. Chie Wilks says:

    Thanks for sharing the story sis. I am just glad that I have a cool relationship with my mom. Although when I was a teenager i experienced her tiger way pero now that I am married and started caring about my little sisters' activities, i understand my mama na.

    I agree..we should not just treat each other only as family but also as human being..

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    Parents are not perfect but they try to do what's best for us because somehow or another, they have been through teenage life too, just like what we've been through but different on what they had. Our parents will base it to other experiences too like their friends or people around them.

    Respect and trust comes no matter what. If we have it, then we learn from it. We earn the respect and trust too.

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