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Could You State The Difference?

The meaning of voluntary, voluntarily, or volunteer:

  1. Done or undertaken of one’s own free will
  2. Acting or done willingly and without constraint or expectation of reward.
  3. Normally controlled by or subject to individual volition
  4. Capable of making choices; having the faculty of will
  5. Supported by contributions or charitable donations rather than by government appropriations.
In today’s economy crisis, one could not just volunteer such a huge amount without asking something in return, one spent that money because somebody promised things in exchange with the money spent out. And since one required that, it is not voluntarily at all yet it is an obligation. Between the two words, could you state the difference?

So Sporty

Our friend had a tennis competition today; we were there to witness the game. And I am certain that she would win the game since she plays very well. We were not able to finish watching the game since it’s getting dark and that we need to go back home.

Our friend is so sporty and because of it she doesn’t look like she is passed 40 already. Tennis is her workout, I wonder if she uses some workout pills. Although I know her, she doesn’t take with just some pill, who knows she might had used the M5 extreme and was able to read the m5 extreme reviews as it should be the first thing to do when you are planning to take some pills. Well, anyway it is either she used one or not, it really up to her, she knows her body right and I am sure she will not take without the approval of her doctor. Knowing her, she is so careful with what she is taking, she is a health conscious. I mean look at her, she is still so active at the age of 40. How I wish I could be as sporty as she is but geez I could not even finish my belly dancing session.