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I am a Lucky Wife

Sometimes when my husband and I chatted over the Internet, I could not just avoid saying some words that he doesn’t like, I know I have hurt him in some way and I do apologize for that. This is probably the result of being miles apart, you eventually would ask why it has to be this way that later it would lead to confrontation.

Even though I am not perfect and so he is, we made sure and we believe that everything will work out just fine. Well, human as we are, we get disappointed and upset when the other one said something that our partner hates to hear, I guess even we are so far away with each other, misunderstandings really get on our way, and GOD knows we are trying our best to understand the situation of each one.

I am just so thankful that my husband understands more than I do, there are times that he needs to cut out his expenses just to support us here. Just to be the father of his two kids, whatever the activities that they would like to attend to and when I think it is the best for them, my husband would always say yes or go for it, somehow I am still a lucky wife.