Another Business Venture

My friend is planning to have a business; we talked about it this morning when she sends me to a phone company. But one thing she has to do yet is to buy some equipment for her business. She said the inventory of her business would be just easy because she only put up a bakery.
But I am certain that even how small or big your business is, you should be close monitoring of how your stock goes in and goes out, there should be a proper way of reporting tools so you could maintain your income to your business. Some would be complicated but there are some ways that are so simple. In fact there are software you could buy online that has complete details of what is going on to your business. Of course, it should be user friendly so you will be able to navigate the functions that easy.
To my friend who is facing another business venture in her life, good luck! I am also planning to put up a business but I am not sure yet what business I would start with. Well, I should also have enough capital so I can put up a business of my passion.

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