Girl’s Talk : Class Pictures

I am sorry guys but I don’t have any class pictures, if I have it is at the album and we don’t have a scanner for me to scan it. I hope these pictures would still be count as my entry for:

Well this was me with my Dad during Kinder Graduation Day

Me and my Best friend Janeth during College Graduation.

And yeah I guess this is close to class picture since we were in our uniform. LOL
Again, I am really sorry for not following the theme, yay!

3 Responses to “Girl’s Talk : Class Pictures”

  1. simply kim says:

    love your pics, girl! make me feel nostalgic, lol!

    care to visit MY ENTRY?

  2. Beauty Queen Gene says:

    hihi. that's okay. at least you made an effort. and wow i love that picture of you with your dad. sooo sweet 🙂

  3. STEF says:

    Thanks for the visit. Hope you can also follow me at my new domain:

    These photos are nice. Good that you were able to keep that kindergarten photo with your dad.

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