Gadgets Nowadays

I was in my insurance company one day to pay my monthly dues when I saw this woman using a computer, it was then I know that the one she was using was a tablet computer. My husband gave me two laptops one is a netbook and one is a traditional laptop, I am not sure if I will want another one. Gadgets nowadays are fast to depreciate, it is like you have tablet computers now, then tomorrow they would upgrade it for something that make us wonder and amazed. My husband has another netbook like I have now here, and he is planning to give it to Mj, I don’t know if he thinks to buy a tablet computer for him or the company would provide it for him since he is working at a computer company. Well if he will going to have one, I will be glad to use it but of course if that’s for his work, I would respect if he won’t allow me, and if he does, who I am to decline the offer.

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