Her Homework

My sister told me that Faith has homework; we need to cut out an object or a picture and paste it on her book to match the color of the box that was there. I thought my little teapot would just being naughty or bugged while I am doing the work for her, but to my surprised my baby helped me to finish her homework. What I did was I let her to be part of what I was doing; I am doing the cut out of the pictures since she is not allowed to hold a scissor then I asked her to put some glue on the picture and assist her to paste it on the page of the book. She was having fun and I was too! She was so excited yet of course there are some naughtiness she did so I just let her do the things she want, but when I finished cutting out, I really called her to do her job. When we were done, she told me good job Mama! Very good!

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