The Most Affected

Whatever the status of a mother, it’s either she is rich or not, when the issue is about her daughter, the first one to be affected are them.

When they were just babies, when they are unable yet to tell their pains, the mother has an instinct and she would know when their babies are in so much pain. They even don’t want the mosquitoes to get near on their babies skin, it sounds crazy but I also experienced that moment that I have to kill that mosquito first that tries to land on my daughter’s skin and I will not sleep until I have it killed.

Thus, when a daughter will be pregnant without a man on her side, the moms are mostly the one who are affected. Therefore, whatever the daughter’s action or decision, good or bad, the mothers would definitely share anything just for them. I am not wishing that my daughters would do anything like it, I will surely die in a minute if I learned that something like that would happen to them but never would I judge them. On the other note, I hope that they won’t do such thing that makes me depressed and makes me feel down. I already have experience that thing and I should know the hardship of it, the criticism of other people and the rejections were so unbearable and I don’t want them to feel the same way.

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  1. kat says:

    That is so true Anne, pero naa kalainan lang if lalaki ang anak..puro boys ako anak, ako lang kahadlukan kay mapa barkada sa mga addict..pero thanks God kay ako eldest, 21 na sya pero wala jud bisyo maski sigarilyo, isa ra pod iya barkada pero na minyo na…kaning akong ikaduha na pod ako bantayan…pero hadluk noon ni sa iya kuya…hehehe..

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