Seek Alternatives

Nobody in my family smokes and I certainly do not condone smoking. It is a health hazard and I really don’t like the smell that adheres to my hair and clothes when I am around smokers. However, I also believe that there are too many restrictions being placed on smokers these days and that they should have the freedom to choose to smoke if they do so, as long as it is in a designated smoking area or in their home.
How can smokers still feel satisfied, when tobacco smoking has been banned or restricted in many areas? Electronic cigarettes are now available to smokers. I don’t know a whole lot about them, but maybe smokers should give it a try. It seems to me that there would be less of a health hazard and the smoker can still get the satisfaction of smoking a real tobacco cigarette.
I have friends that smoke and they know my feelings about tobacco cigarettes and the fact that me and my family try to avoid places where there are lots of people smoking. But, for those who do smoke, I would urge them to try to stop or look at alternatives. Why not look out for our health and the health of others by doing our best for us and our friends by encouraging them to refrain from smoking or seek alternatives.

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