I Missed Those Times

Do you sometimes missed being pregnant and wear maternity clothes? Well, I sometimes does, I missed going to the Maternity department to buy me some nice, fabulous maternity clothing. When I was pregnant with Faith, I always see to it I always look good, I bought mild colors like green, or light blue and I always have my make up on. I love to buy perfumes too but I don’t wear them, I just like to watch them on my closet, lining up. My friends said I was so blooming even I was pregnant I am not sure if that was because of my maternity clothes since I have beautiful, well designed maternity dress and I have dozen of them or is it because I was carrying a baby girl in my tummy. I so missed those times especially the baby inside my womb and her kicks are really amazing. But because the labor was quiet too hard for me, I am not sure if I could still make it if I would get pregnant again.

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