Something Borrowed

It is time to be in love once again, everyone knows that I love movies; in fact all of my siblings love to watch movies. I guess we got that from our ancestors, I could still remember that one of our relatives told us that our Aunt used to cry from a movie house on the way to her house because of the film she just watched. And no one can stopped her once she started sobbing, I haven’t witnessed her crying though, I guess I don’t have to because I have witnessed myself crying over a movie even here at home or in a movie house.
I am not sure what got into me when I started crying, the story just touches my heart and then it gets too overwhelming then that’s the beginning of my litany. The whole story just got me that I can’t stop crying. Even my daughter would tease me when I do that.
Anyway, yesterday I just watch a new movie “Something Borrowed” it is a story of the two best friend, one would always give all to her best friend and her best friend is always taking whatever she will offer. They thought they were okay until a man came in between them, it is not the fault of the other best friend though since her best friend doesn’t seem interested with the guy because she never thought that the guy got interested with her ever since college so she just make a way to her best friend, not knowing that the guy had a crush on her secretly. She never thought that a guy like him could every like a woman like her. Until the wedding is approaching, they eventually found out that they loved each other but how can give themselves a chance while leaving her best friend hurt and neglected. It is between her and him and herself, so this is a movie I could recommend you to all watch. You must not miss it, especially if you have a best friend in your life.
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  1. Pepper says:

    I used to love watching movies like that, but not anymore, because they only make me miss my boyfriend more 🙂

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