Right after like how many minutes of swimming, Mj was again complaining of her tummy, the pain was on the lower right part of her stomach, I was panicked when I learned about it. Good thing a friend of mine offered to drive us to the hospital since I think I can’t drive anymore. They already called their friend who is a doctor and who could assist us about the condition of my daughter but then he recommended us for admission since the symptoms was really like of that appendicitis. We went to another hospital then since Mj’s pediatrician is there; they have the same conclusion with the other doctor, so I decided for her to be admitted. She undergone CBC and urine test again and ultrasound and they told me if the result will be positive they have to operate her immediately. I was devastated; I didn’t know what to do. 
Good thing that Mj’s stomach pain subsided after like an hour of staying at the ER yet they still have to observe her condition, so an admission was really a must. Friday morning, they have her for urine test and ultrasound; it was only in the afternoon that they informed us about the result, I am so glad that the entire test was negative. But we can’t still go out in the hospital because her tummy was still in pain when the Doctor pressed her tummy as he released it.T
This morning, my worries were gone when Mj said it doesn’t hurt her anymore when she pressed her tummy, and it was confirmed by her Doctor. We were checked out after lunch, so although Mj was not able to make it to her competition this time, what matters most is that she already recovered from her infection and that she is already okay.

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