We really thought that my eldest suffered from appendicitis and thank GOD, after two days of staying in the hospital, the final findings are not the one I feared about but a UTI, although it still needs to be treated though of course. 
Appendicitis is a condition characterized an inflammation of your appendix, so it requires removing the inflammation, which means the patient needs to undergo an operation and most of the time it should be done immediately.  The pain is always on the right lower side of the stomach, which was my eldest was experiencing; she keeps on pressing it hard so she could walk. Do not allow the patient to pressed it hard because if that would blow inside your tummy, the nearest organ would be infected as well. It will give more danger to the one who suffered the appendicitis. It was a good thing that my eldest was free from it, now we are monitoring her intakes, no junk foods nor soft drinks for her. In which I think she follow and obey appropriately this time, her teacher gave her a soft drink when they celebrated Teacher’s Day at school and she said “No” she also told her she is not allowed to drink soda because she already experienced a UTI. 

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  1. imriz says:

    i get to hear kids having UTI bouts. pedia of my kids said junk foods which is mostly kids eat nowadays seem to be the culprit. get well for ur eldest.

  2. Grampy says:

    I hope she is better. I had my appendix burst when I was very young. I ended up spending a week in the hospital.

  3. meadowly says:

    When my daughter was about eight,she used to be getting a lot of stomach pains and on doing a test found out she had appendicitis.The appendix was removed immediately by surgery.And thereafter the stomach pains disappeared..:)

  4. Laderma says:

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