By Cutting It

When I was in college, even though I already had my eyelashes fine, it was not that long or short either yet I get too envious with some students who had their eyelashes so impressively long. So I went ahead and decided to cut my eyelashes because they said if you are going to cut your eyelashes, it will grow more but to my disappointment it didn’t worked for me. Why? Because it would only works for babies, good thing the cut was not that long, so it was not noticeable. Recently, I just read somewhere that the hair of the eyelashes if it will get inside the eyes of the baby, it would irritate him or her and he or she could get infections because of it. So when you cut the eyelashes to make it long, you should be extra careful or to be safe, don’t do it at all, besides there are eyelash growth products available anywhere so when they are matured enough, you can buy some for them. My nieces and kids are gifted because we don’t have to cut their eyelashes short to become long, because their eyelashes are already fine. There are some people who suggested cutting it but I refused because I don’t want to risk their health for any infections they could get by some merely sayings.

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