Road Assistance

There were lots of times that I was stranded along the road because my just stopped or some parts got smoked and broken. The latest was yesterday, the aircon just blew a smoke. I was panicked, good thing there were some people nearby and helped me disconnect the battery so the smoke or the burn won’t scattered to other parts of the car. In situation like this, when your car just don’t function, we really need an effective emergency road service, an assistant that would be there ready to help you in just one call and that you don’t need to wait for long hours to have someone to rescue you. Or fetch a repair man just to make your car worked like I did yesterday; it was too hassle and time consuming. I was not able to go to my other appointment just to take care everything about my car. I guess I need to dispatch this car at all and will find a new one, what do you think? 

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