Archive for November 20th, 2011

For The Team

Christmas is very much approaching; now I am looking for some accessories to be given away to the kids in the team. I am sure they like something that is customized, I thought of a custom lapel pins for them but let’s see if how much does it cost. I hope it is not that expensive since I still have nephews and nieces to think of for this coming holiday season. 

During Special Occasion

When I was still working as a front desk officer in one of the malls here, of course we need to be presentable and one of the things that the management required us to wear is a stocking. So every week I keep on looking for a durable stocking, something that won’t just runs that easy. Now that I am not working anymore yet I still don’t stopped myself on venturing some sexy stocking or even lace bodystocking, maybe that would be great to wear during special occasion, what do you think?