I Will Really Have To Try

I will really have to try driving on Sunday with my two kids alone, a while ago I thought not to drive and we will just go to the church through tricycle but on the second thought how would I be comfortable driving with my two kids if I will not get used to it. Besides, I could save money from taxi or commuting ourselves in a Jeepney. I just hope that Faith will not be bothering me when I drive, I will have to ask Mj to bring her Nintendo or Faith’s laptop so she has something she could get busy with while I am concentrating on my driving.

2 Responses to “I Will Really Have To Try”

  1. Grampy says:

    The more you do it Anne the more you will get comfortable with it. Go for it.

  2. lanie says:

    wow congrats you did it to drive, i know how to drive pero dko pa kaya mag isa… i feel so nervous.. 🙁
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