So Proud Of Her Crown

It was the last week of the school when Faith was so excited to go to school, my sister has been telling her that ┬átheir will be a celebration at school, one of her classmates would celebrate his birthday there. And knowing Faith, when there is a birthday party at school she would always feeling happy because she’s able to eat her favorite spaghetti. She just wore her uniform though because they will be having class after, but after a while my sister called me that all the kids were wearing costumes. She asked me if Faith has a mini gown because she keeps on looking at her classmates who wear varieties of costumes, my sister got pity of Faith so she hurriedly called me after. She had a gown that my sister gave her, which was a bit loose for her yet, but we didn’t have any choice so I sent it to school. I also called my other sister if she could contribute something, good thing she had a crown so she immediately went to school to let Faith wear it. When they got home, she looks so cute with her gown and she is so proud of her crown. She told me she’s a princess and she love to wear it forever.

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