Nearly Cried

I have my car repaired today, and since I am hoping I could get it just before I would fetch Mj from Kumon. I waited for it in the shop to finish, but little did I know the time just clicking so fast I didn’t even notice that I am getting late for my schedule to fetch Mj. When I checked the time, it was nearly 7:00 p.m., I hurriedly went to Kumon, when I arrived there, there are no kids waiting for their parents anymore, there are even no cars parked in the parking area. And when I checked my phone, Mj already messaged me that she was the only one who was left alone at the Kumon, I hurriedly went upstairs. I was worried too. I found her inside the tutor room with some teachers who were having a dance practice, when she saw me, she nearly cried, she thought I would not return for her.

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  1. simply kim says:

    aawww! i can so relate to that. i was late in picking up my eldest when she was in preschool and i can still remember the look in her face when i finally arrived..

    you may want to check THIS out..

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