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After my eldest daughter’s birthday now I am busy again preparing with my youngest daughter’s birthday, I am planning to hold it in Jollibee but I guess it is better if I would host it at Woodridge, my sister the one who always with Faith wanted to have it at school so all her classmates could join. I am really not sure though, I am so confused.

Heated Clothing

I want to try sledding down a mountain of snow or even to try skiing. But I have never really experienced the cold that can be expected from those types of activities. The idea of heated clothing becomes appealing if I think of being out in the cold for any length of time. Tourmaster Synergy 2 offers various types of heated clothing. I know that I would have to have appropriate attire for the cold and if I want to enjoy it, I certainly don’t want to feel cold. I will want to dress warmly to avoid the chill and so that I can have fun.

KID # 19 : Kitchenette and Books

I am back of doing Meme, I got lost but good thing I was so patient of trying to trace back where could I find this Meme anymore. Of course I am referring about Kids N Doodles, I missed this Meme and now I am ready. 
By the way, these are the toys of my youngest daughter, these were our gifts for her last Christmas and I am glad that she loves it. Sometimes this kitchenette is only placed in the corner because she is too busy with her browser in the computer and her studies too.

These were her cute books too, she could identify all the colors and the shapes but not yet with Alphabet, she is still learning about that.

This is my share for Kids in Doodles


I am really worried of my daughter’s cough because until now she still have it. We already let her take medicines regularly but still it doesn’t subside. She always woke up with her hard cough and I can’t help but wake up as well to attend her, she’s asking water whenever she cough so we have the water ready for her just beside our bed. I hope that before the medication would reach 7 days, she is already okay.