Grabbing Candies

Just before the New Year, since my sister and her kids will be going home, I decided to throw up the candies in the air for the kids. There were only 3 kids who were able to join because my other sister and her son promised to go to the house at 12:00 a.m., but I don’t know what happen, they were not able to do it. Anyway, even though they were only 3, we still had so much fun because of my youngest. It took her a while to realize that they can only have those candies if they would grab it. So since she can’t afford also to lose her turn to sing in the magic sing, she held the magic sing on the other hand while grabbing some candies. The result, she only picked a few but even so she said “Thank you, Mama”.
My kids and their cousin
She’s starting now to picked some candies

I was laughing so hard at her because of her reactions

Trying to count how many candies she got.

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