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Happy Natal Day Mj

It is my eldest daughter’s birthday today and she is so excited about it. She expects her friends from the team would come and she is looking forward to play her barbie dolls with them. To you Mj! Happy Birthday and may your wish will come true on your birthday!

Advance Happy Birthday To My Daughter

I just want to greet an advance happy birthday to my daughter. I hope all your dreams will come true and that you will be surprised on your upcoming birthday, remember even I sometimes get mad at you or disappointed at you, I love you so much! And when I scolded you or trying to correct your mistakes that is because I want you to become a good individual not only to me but to everyone else as well. 


Thank GOD Faith is okay now and she’s off to school. Their written exam will be tomorrow, she was not able to attend their long quiz on Friday because I need to send her to her Pediatrician right away. The only problem is that she have a cough and I guess it became worst, we just let her take Lagundi so to avoid side effects, they said it is herbal so it is okay since she is taking an anti biotic for her UTI infection. 

Music For My Youngest

One thing about my kids, the like music and my youngest loves to bang on things to try to keep time. Well she tried the play the tambourine at her school Christmas party. It was fun watching her play she was so serious. I wonder what she would do with an alesis dm8 drum set. I think she has talent and that it will improve with practice. But what is the correct age to start her on drums and if I do can we stand the noise? Well she is a smart girl and I am sure she can learn and become adept at playing them. I would hope that the younger she would start the better she will become. What do you think?