Another Way To Learn Life

While writing this post I could hear my sister asking my little teapot to fix her toys, the little teapot followed the instruction well but there are times she won’t and will just teased her around. The eldest was reprimanded too to wash her dishes, I also told her to fold the blanket that they were playing. She followed well this time but yes I admit that there are times, it is so hard for her to follow. But we will not stop, I will not stop to tell them to do house chores and such, it is another way to learn life aside from what they learn from school, they also need to learn things from home as well. 

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  1. Vernz says:

    Parang I can relate .. hahaha.. kung akong bana pa.. sagdi walay namatay sa…

    Dropping by here too girl.. Thanks Again 🙂


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