KIDS # 23: Best Shots

This was taken when she just graduated her summer swimming class almost 2 years ago. I just aim the camera and shoot like few times so I can get the best angle of her and I did it.

Now that she is joining competitions already, it was my wish to capture her perfectly while she dives off the water but I could not just do it, sometimes they were already in the water when my camera clicked or they were not jumping yet but last year I did it, since I am already frustrated to get her captured while she dives, I put the camera on video but when I started it, it was not on video setting but the other way around and so I was able to capture her moment diving off the water perfectly. One of my great shots ever are those two during her competitions using my ‘not so’ DSLR camera.

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2 Responses to “KIDS # 23: Best Shots”

  1. Mai says:

    that’s a great shot. she looks good and fit. thanks for dropping by, anne!

  2. wow, she is in perfect form! kudos to your little champion swimmer + thanks for joining ^_^

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