Thank You Visitors, Friends and Family!

I didn’t send any invitation cards because I was thinking that it is better to maximize the cost in tarpaulin and other party expenses than of the invitation cards but I invited more this time than of last year so not to waste my payment to the venue and the foods. I am so much glad that many of my friends were present and we are so thankful that their kids were with them to celebrate the birthday party of Faith. I would like to thank the classmates of Faith and their parents who joined the party; they even contributed for the gas so they could come to the party. My friends from the club who are always there whenever I host a party, thank you so much for the never-ending support especially to Mommy Ethel who made a centerpiece balloon for us. My Digital workmate Sheryl and her son Josh, thank you so much She, it has been a while since we haven’t seen each other and although we were not able to talk much during the party yet I hope you know how thankful I am that you were able to come. To Cheryl and Ate Gina thank you so much that you were able to join, teacher Jenly and her kids as well. My college friends Gen, Analyn and Ada together with their kids thank you so much. Our family friend Ness and Ate Peng and Pie and their niece thanks a bunch for coming. My relatives and cousins who went to the party I thought you could not make it but you all did, thank you so much. To Lalai and Beth thank you so much also, and the last but not the least my sisters for the endless support, my family, my niece, thank you so much.

Thank you all for coming, the party will never be successful without you all. And oopss before I forgot thank you Woodridge Staff for the venue and Gigz Unlimited for hosting the party.

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