Let Them Choose Of The Sports That They Want

I wanted Mj to learn the taekwondo or judo before but she was really objecting it, she always told me that she doesn’t want to be hurt during session or competition. Although I told her that they would be using harness or protection for them not to get really hurt but even so she doesn’t trust it. She asked me again and again to enroll her for swimming, I guess it is really effective to give what they want not what we want for them because they would really shine on the field that they will choose. Now, even though there are still so many things that she has to prove in swimming, she is shining there, she loves the water even before and I am just thankful that I was not wrong that I let her choose of the sports that she wanted to have. So with Faith, even if she wanted to take ballet or taekwondo, or soccer, we would support her because I believe if she were the one would pick the course that she likes, she will succeed just like her sister.

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