Summer For My Kids

I am here trying to write, but there are really times that even we wanted to write fast, our head does not cooperate. Imagine? I am here for 2 hours already and I am typing then deleting and typing again and deleting.,

Anyway, summer is fast approaching, I am not sure if Faith ,could continue her swimming lesson this year as she needs to enroll in summer class. We will transfer her to other school, this time it would be a real school, like many classrooms, huge playground, a space to where she can run and play. She would spent a total of 10 days for her summer class at school and if she still likes it and if we can still afford it, we would continue her for swimming lesson. I know she adores water so much like her sister.,

Mj, on the other hand will be competing next month for DAVRAA. Three of them from this club would represent Davao, I know Mj was a bit upset with her performance in CDO, although she is still belong in top 16 and that she could still join the competition in Manila, she believes she still have more to improve and that she would work hard for it. She said last week that her training was rigid these days, they have to finished 12 lapse and an additional 1,500 meters if they are late or absent. She complained but I said if she wants to reach her goal and want to be successful with this sport, she needs to do her training appropriately and she must follow what their coach is telling them to do.,

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