To Avoid Jealousy

When I was pregnant with Faith, Mj did not show any jealousy. In fact she was so excited for the baby to come out and she even told her classmate that soon she would have a baby sister.

I always told Mj that she is still my princess even we have Faith. I was still working when I was pregnant and she will be the one to hum me some music so I could sleep because I always don’t have enough sleep at that time.

I even made a video of her on her birthday and let her read it, the video contains of how much we love her and no matter what, she will always be pampered, she will always be cared and she always have our support in every endeavor that she will encounter.

We were always together when I have to buy things for the upcoming baby; she would always be the one to choose what’s best for her sister. And when I was hospitalized, she would always to come to visit and would always tell me to be more careful.
On the day that the bay was about to arrive, she went to our neighbor to share the news and she was so excited to see her youngest sister.

When Faith was finally here, Mj and I had these wacky pictures while Faith was quietly sleeping on her crib. We still have the activities that we had even before Faith arrives, it doesn’t change; it is still the same because it is one of the ways for them to avoid the feeling of being neglect. If they feel that they are being set aside, that’s the start of jealousy.

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