KIDS # 30: Athletes During DAVRAA

I was at the quarter during DAVRAA; my daughter was so busy talking to her friends nearby when I saw some athletes practicing for their events. I saw this Taekwondo team at the stage, warming up and trying their best to kick their heart out, their trying to reach that thing that their coach was holding.


While the Taekwondo worked hard for their kick, I saw the boxing team on the other side trying to punch this time. They had been practicing for about an hour, I didn’t know that these two sports are already included in DAVRAA but obviously they are now.


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5 Responses to “KIDS # 30: Athletes During DAVRAA”

  1. Hyanne says:

    As what I have noticed too Taekwondo and Boxing is already part of Provincial Meet, SCUAA Meet and other competition events between schools and provinces.

  2. marri says:

    is a sport I never get interested in.
    I don’t know why… maybe because I
    don’t know anything about it.

    Anyways, good thing those kids
    have the GUTS to engage in such
    physical activity.

  3. Irene says:

    I always found Taekwondo to be a great sport, because not only does it make one’s body strong, but it also helps in self-defense. 🙂

  4. ralph says:

    keep on practicing, guys… and be the best you can be in your chosen sport… sana magkaroon na tayo ng olympic gold medal… good luck. Yahweh bless.

  5. i would love to try taekwondo when i am bigger! 🙂

    thanks for joining k.i.d and see you again next week! ^_^

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