Sudden Sleep

I experienced a sudden sleep while talking over the phone or just standing when I attended mass before when I was still working in a call center, I really thought there is something wrong with me already, I was worried and thought to buy modafinil as I was starting to think that I already have a narcolepsy. Good thing it was just a lack of sleep when I have checked myself to a doctor. The doctor told me to make sure that I will have enough sleep in daytime since my work was at night.

My husband learned this when I told him of the incident that happened to me in the church and also at the call floor. There is also sometimes that I could not sleep during the day after two months I delivered F because I was also trying to look after her while she is awake. My husband then suggested quitting my job if my work made me unhealthy. And since leaving F at night made me want to cry, I agreed with my husband to stop working at all. I resigned from two years of working in a call center and now my sudden sleep while just standing was gone. I still sleep late at night but I have all the time to take a nap in day time and one more thing, I have the chance to take care of my two kids while they are growing up.

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