I am so worried right now with my youngest daughter; it has been twice that she had an accident at school. Oh no, don’t get me wrong, not accident like cause for an injury, it is a call of nature. She is not like that before; she would always run to the bathroom whenever she had a call of nature. My husband said she is maybe reverting but my sister and I talked about it and we concluded that maybe my youngest is shy to her teacher and won’t ask at all. She is a talkative child and maybe when she talks, the teacher would say “quiet” that’s she had keep it to herself until she can’t stop it anymore.

I have talked to my baby this morning and told her that she has to ask her teacher like “may I wiwiz (pee) or may I O O (pooh) teacher if she needed to go to the bathroom, I have to tell her like a few times so she won’t forget and I hope she will not forget. Reverting or not she should learn to speak up and tell her teacher she needed to go to the bathroom.

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