Enjoying To Drive The Gold Cart Than To Play The Golf

I am not sporty myself but maybe if I have given the chance to undergo proper training for volleyball or chess, I could be like my daughter who is a swimmer now.

I was with a friend in a golf course and this friend want me to teach how to play golf but because I am just too scared to hit the ball, I let it pass. I mean maybe it is just like that when you are ageing, you don’t like to learn new things for sports at all, and I thought maybe I already ran out of time. So what I did since golf is not my cup of tea at all, I just tried to drive the golf cart and I enjoyed it so much. I was even get stuck in a tree and tried to pull over, the staff there was laughing at me and tried to help me. The staff even noticed me and said I enjoyed driving the golf cart than playing the golf. Oh well, I totally agreed with him.

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