Advance Christmas For The Abandoned Kids


The first agenda that we went to during Faith’s field trip is in Department of Social Welfare Development, Reception and Study Center for Children. We were not allowed to go inside the facility because the place is too small for all of us so the parents were advised to stay in the bus. I just went out because I need to attend the nature’s call and so I have the chance to have a glimpse of the said activity.


The kids including my little teapot were asked to fall in line, the kids donated some stuffs for those abandoned kids. I was teary eyed to know that the kids don’t have parents at all to take good care of them, some were abused and some were left out since infant. The school management asked us not to take a picture of them for the kid’s safety and protection. I am so happy that Faith’s school was able to donate foods, clothes and even diapers, this field trip is all worth it because we were able to make those kids happy on that day, it was an advance Christmas gifts for them.

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