The Family Loves Sea Food

We all love sea food in my family.  My youngest girl would rather eat fish or shrimp or something else from the sea than eat a hamburger or hot dog.  If we eat in a restaurant , she will always want some type of sea food or spaghetti.  I think it is a lot healthier than the fast food kids usually order.

For me, I like crabs and lobsters.  If I could, I would eat either for those every day, but it is a bit impractical.  When cooking at home, I like to be able to prepare  a varied and healthy menu.  I was looking a preparing a lobster dish at home, but where we live, it is not always easy to find lobster, so I was looking to see where I could buy lobster online.

If I were to order lobster online, I would want to make sure that it was sent to me in a condition that would keep it safe from contamination.  Therefore, before I place an order for lobster, or any other seafood product, I check to see how it is shipped.    Safe shipping means fresh and palatable lobster for me and my family.  We love sea food and we really love lobster.

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