The Friend Of My Daughter Won 5 Golds In DAVRAA

I just want to congratulate the friend Dj, the friend of my daughter as he won the total of 5 golds for his all events in swimming. I always used to greet him here for the success for the sport that he is taking into. I know he was sad when he learned that Mj will no longer be on training. It was the hardest decision we ever made for her to stop the training. She fell in love with that sport and because of some circumstances we have to stop. Anyway, this writing is not for my daughter but for my friend’s daughter Dj, you have done it good DJ, you just proved to them that whoever your coach is, you would still prosper because you are very diligent with your training. So no matter how they would crush you, I know you will make it. We miss you Dj and congratulations!

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