The School Is Having A Holiday

I was in a hurry to fetch Mj from her school this afternoon because I want her to be interviewed by the assistant principal at the new school that she will be attending next school year. I even fetched her early so we can catch up with the office hours at the new school; she was hesitated at first because their program will be finish at 5:00 p.m. I just ask her teacher if she could get out early from school, good thing her teacher said yes. We hurriedly hailed a Jeepney so we can catch up with the new school, I really thought we can have an interview this afternoon but when we got there, the guard said that the school is having a holiday maybe because it is Valentine’s Day today. I was totally sad about it, another time was wasted but anyway on Saturday, we will go there early for the interview. So since it is Valentine’s Day, I just dragged my daughter to SM and bought some Krispy Kreme for the whole family.

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