2 Week Free Trial

Mj is so happy when we bought her a new guitar, Faith keeps on telling me when we arrived yesterday that she might want to have one too or violin instead. But she is too young yet to go to the piano lessons, I am planning to enroll her on the right time. But first I am going to enroll Faith to Kumon, I already inquire for her and the head said Faith can have a 2 weeks free trial on September yet if I can wait. They wanted to make sure that my money will not put to waste because Faith can’t cope up. So September, I hope Faith will be matured enough to take this challenge. And I hope she would listen to her instructor. I’d been hearing complaints from her teacher now, although she said sorry and I know she meant it but I hope she would make up her mind not to do it again. I sometimes get tired though but I know I should not get tired especially that I am working so I am asking GOD to give me enough strength to perform my duties well.

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