Felt Guilty So She Did Not Go

I am just so glad that no matter how she loves to go to a party, when I say no she will not go even there’s a big chance that I will not know about it. Yesterday, Mj asked my permission if she could go to a birthday party after class and I replied no immediately. She didn’t insist or whatsoever, her classmate told her, even she was not able to get my permission she can still have the chance to come without me knowing about it. I know she can but she gets guilty even just by thinking about it. She told me that when we had our dinner the other night, and I appreciated her for that. I hope she would continue that asking for permission it is either she would get a yes or no is very important so we would know what or where they are going. Mother’s knows best and everything we decide or do for them is only what’s best for them.


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