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We Will Watch The Despicable Me Today

Next to Monster University, we are aiming to watch the Despicable me in the cinema it could have been funnier and happier for the whole family if Daddy is here to watch with us. But it is sad to say Daddy could not be with us when watching the Despicable Me because it is already showing in the cinema today. I looked forward to watch it with my husband in September because I thought it will be showing on September but oh well yeah it seems like it hits the cinema just this week.

And today, together with the kids we are going to watch it in 2D only. We watched the Despicable Me in CD before now we would like to watch the part 2 in the bigger screen. I am so thankful that I have all the vacant to watch it with my kids, if I am working now, we might not be able to see it because I have to work. I am always thank my husband for always supporting my decision whether if I work or not, he is always there.

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When The Baby Starts Teething

It is really hard when a baby would start having teeth, they would feel uncomfortable and sometimes they will get sick because of it. When Faith was still a baby and was starting to have teeth, I sometimes couldn’t sleep because she would tend to wake up at night. Yes, it sometimes pained them too that they could not even sleep with it. It is really advantage if you have a dependable teething necklace or a bracelet that they can just grab it whenever they feel like it, teether ring can soothe them and could make them at ease.

The teething necklace like of Amber use the natural body heat of the child to release some oil from its beads and when the skin absorbed the oil, the natural healing of the amber would process that would make the baby reduce the pain cause by teething. I tell you when the baby starts teething, the pain for them would be indescribable, we are parents may not know it but sometimes the pain could make them very sick and would lead them to be hospitalized. We don’t want to reach that level right? It is better if we have stop it before anything happen so teether necklaces or ring can be the remedy of this pain. My husband provided me lots of different teething paraphernalia and it really helps Faith.

It really starts her day right because she has no tantrums and no more pains in the morning. Cleaning the teether is not that hard as well, you just have to use a flannel cloth damped it with clean lukewarm water. Dry it and use a clear olive oil to polish it and you are done. With Faith before we also let her took a vitamin for the teeth so it will get strong. That vitamin was also for teething, so with the teether ring never in this level that she felt too much pain because we tried everything for her to surpass this level.

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