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To Make Them Always Special

Have you ever stopped to think how special you feel when someone remembers your name? To be addressed personally, by name, singles you out from the crowd and reaffirms your unique identity. It’s no different with children. They can be in the middle of game with friends or intrigued with something on TV and be totally tuned out to their surroundings until they hear their name. Name recognition is one of the factors that make personalized books such a wonderful gift for children. Reading opens up a world of opportunities for children to learn about new place, learn life lessons through examples in a story, discover ways to conquer fear and deal with various emotions and to simply have fun reading about different adventures and situations. When those stories are personalized, they become even more special. Just imagine how delighted a little girl would be to see her name on each page of a story about a princess. Any little boy would be delighted to see himself as the main character in a pirate adventure. Seeing their name in print is a great motivating force for children who need a little encouragement to get them to read. Chronicle Books has a wide assortment of items that can be personalized. A child would love having a piece of personalized wall art in their room. New parents would be thrilled to receive a personalized baby book as a shower gift. Personalized gifts always make the recipient feel special.

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Boxing Sports

 photo 1000477_10201137930746496_610942681_n_zpsae27ce70.jpg

What is Faith doing in the picture?

Oh well Daddy brought a WII game for us and one of the CD’s are sports game. In one CD it contains tennis game, bowling game, and boxing game. We let Faith played the boxing game and she was so excited. She punched and punched until she gets tired, at the end she already asked for help but of course we didn’t help her even she said my hands are tired. Anyway she finished the game and won it. Before she played the game, we told her very carefully that the boxing is only for video game it is not good if she would use it outside.

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Educator Style Of Teaching That Is Very Helpful

English is not my native language, so when it comes to helping my girls with it for their school work, I am often feel lost.  I can read and write it fairly well, but when it comes to discussing terms and sentence structure and the difference between verbs and adverbs, I can be more confusing to my girls than helpful.  This is one reason why I am happy I found the

I took a look at the sample lesson on nouns and really found it enlightening.  I mean, most of us don’t think of the term for the words we are using where it be a pro-noun or a proper noun, we just write them or use them in our everyday activities.

 photo ed3_zpsb76379ed.png

Above is a screen shot of the lesson that was available on the site.  I like the way the educator show what she is talking about.  I found this style of teaching very helpful to me.  I at times struggle with gender specific nouns because in my native language they are not really present.  My husband will often chuckle when he hears me refer to a “him” as a “her” and he and my youngest daughter will correct me.

English grammar lessons are not only beneficial for me, they are beneficial for both my girls.  My youngest daughter has been in English speaking schools from the start, my eldest daughter, started with my native language and has been catching up.  These lessons are invaluable to us as our mastery of the English language improves.

Lessons available on are not limited to English.  I found the lessons in basic mathematics very valuable when it come so to aiding my eldest daughter with her math homework.  It helps us both to see a professional at the educator present the same concepts she is currently studying.

The math lesson I viewed was on Basic Math where the educator discussed Expressions and Variables.  I wish I would have known of before when my eldest daughter was struggling with her math.  I spent money on tutoring when I could have saved money by joining  I know as she progresses, that will be a valuable asset to me and both of my daughters.

 photo ed4_zpse72b13ad.png

I pulled the above screen capture form the review website.  The list of subjects available is quite impressive.  My nieces can take advantage of the Computer Science subjects since that is her college major.  My eldest daughter will find the biology, physics, math and English courses valuable as she continues her high school education.  As for me, well there is a lesson on blogging and the English lessons have already proven to be of value.

I really enjoy learning and the way that the lessons are presented on really hits a note with me.  The lessons are easy for me and my daughter to understand.  I do not get frustrated with my daughter when I try to present a concept to her because we can both see it right on the computer screen.

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