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Not Behaving At School Again

It has been weeks now that my daughter is not behaved at school, whenever I ask her teacher if she behaves the teacher would tell me she is always talking. Sigh, Faith could not behave again; I wonder when she can be tamed again. I miss her giving me stars just like few weeks ago. They were having a dance practice at school, so it is only seldom that they have activities inside the classroom, most often they are asked to go out to practice. I don’t know though if she can dance since she is just making fun at their practice. I am still hoping and praying so hard that she will listen and follow her teacher’s instruction.

On the other hand, this is already the third time that Mj could not go inside the house because no one is at home. She has been telling me to duplicate our key so she can bring it with her but I always forgot about it when I go to the mall. Good thing, this time she went to my sister’s house and stayed there for a while. I went home late than the usual because I have to have the door glass of my car fixed. And yeah it is not yet fixed, I was there two days but nothing happened.

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Spelling And Reading

Mj is now in Grade 7 so I am not assisting her anymore but Faith I will have my full support on her nowadays, especially with this K12 system. Faith is only 5 years old but their lesson is just so hard to understand on her age. Last night, I tried to let her memorize the spelling of each word for the numbers since she was not able to answer that of their last quiz. For only one to ten, we already spend one hour for that. I mean how can a five years old would be able to memorize all the spellings. She can read but she would forget at times.

For me not to get stress with all these, I just let it be, if Faith could not pass this kindergarten stuff, which supposedly she is still in Pre-K since she was only nursery last year, then be it. But I am still trying hard for her to learn specially in reading and spelling. I will not quit even though I would almost shout for her to determine what’s next after a certain letter so she will know. I am trying to hold back though; I don’t want her to think that studying is a day to day struggle.

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Yuna’s Birthday 2013

And so the venue was change, instead of having a pool party for my friend daughter’s birthday it was held instead to their home sweet home. So all the classmates of Yuna that were invited can join the fun. I almost decided not to attend the party but I know how Mj misses her friends from the training so even though she have to go to her classmate’s house for a project and that I have to meet up with her somewhere in the road going to the venue, we went off besides it has been a while that the mom of the kids and I were not able to chat and make-up.

When I arrived at their house, Yuna and Arisa welcome us right in front of their gate. They could not wait for us to go down from the car, Mj hugged them right away. Faith, on the other hand went directly inside the living room to get some marshmallows, LOL. She always loves the marshmallow from my friend, it was cue along with a Hotdog.

When we arrived the games are already started, Mj did not join as she is already a teenager but Faith won from the bring to me game, I think she won several times that she was able to bring some toys and candies at home.

The birthday girl surely had so much fun, of course with the gifts that she received from her guests and a love so everlasting from her Mom, she must be the happiest girl in the whole wide world today.

This only happens only seldom that they are together once again, I have to thank the mother of the celebrant for inviting us over. We indeed had a blast and we were so full, too bad that my other niece was not able to join, she choose to stay home than to go with us because of the Korean Drama she is watching online.

Mj, Faith, Arisa and Yuna just witness a magic on the day of the birthday celebrant

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We Went Out To Watch A Movie

Since I was not able to keep my promise to my kids that we would watch the Smurf, yesterday since it is Saturday, I dragged them to the mall for bonding and watch a movie. I thought they would choose the Planes but nope it is not, what they choose is the Mortal Instrument. I am worried that Faith won’t like it; I also wanted to watch the Mortal Instrument myself. The Planes has 3D only and I am on a tight budget because my sister wanted to borrow some money, and 3D is more than expensive than the regular one. So I just choose the Mortal Instrument for us, crossing my fingers that Faith would love it too.

My niece and daughter went down first to buy some popcorn; we just bought a bottle of water since we already have some drinks in the restaurant. Good thing that when we went inside the cinema, the movie just started yet. We looked for our seats right away, Faith is the one who carried our popcorn, we only bought two, and we shared for it. Faith got interested with the movie, she understood the story but the thing is she would talk so loud that everyone could hear her. We always reminded her to minimize her voice, she would make some comments in the story and how scary is the monster.

On the other hand, Faith enjoyed the movie just like her sister. And I am just so thankful that it did not bore the youngest, otherwise we could see her disturbing other moviegoer. We went home right away after the movie as I am worried that it might rain due to the LPA and when it rains here it floods.

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