Go Batang Pinoy Swimmers Davao

Last Saturday, the Batang Pinoy swimming competition started their elimination; my friend just contacted me and asked me if I would like to join my eldest daughter. But I decline the chance, besides Mj was still sick during that time, I really want for Mj to go back but I am resisting the idea. It would be better if Mj’s school provide a coach for her; I mean the training would be just at school. I am willing to pay extra for the training as long as I will not drive farther just for the training venue. I really saluted those parents who are willing to sacrifice everything just for the sake of their children; I mean the support is not so easy at all. As a parent you also have to be there for your kids, win or lose. And you also have to be there in the training waiting for your child to finish, especially in swimming, I mean you should always on guard for your child safety.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate all the swimmers who passed the elimination for Batang Pinoy especially to our dear friend DJ. I heard they will held the Batang Pinoy just in nearby province. Go Davao!

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