The Importance Of Books

I was not able to practice Mj about reading, we never have the reading bonding when she was still a kid since most of the time I am not at home, I was a single Mom so I have to settle all the things for us, good thing though that Mj is interested with books stuff so she is always look for way for her to read. Her teacher in Kinder was the one who was able to teach her how to read.

Faith on the other hand loves to scan books since then. It was her Dad who bought her first book and my husband read it for her. Every night, I will read a story for Faith and sometimes she would cry when I don’t read her a story at night.

Since she is doing her Kumon now, she always borrowed books from there and we will read it together at home. This is the first book that she borrowed from Kumon.

 photo HPIM1622_zps4d915d87.jpg

I bought a new book recently, it is about teenagers and so I gave it to Mj. She had fun reading it now she always go to library to borrow the same books. And she is more inspired to borrow and read books from the library because they have this contest in their library for those who always borrowed books will have a surprise from the school.

 photo 1377452_10201793388332526_96762640_n_zps6a5dc39c.jpg

Right now, when I don’t have something else to do, I always read the book that my husband bought for me, the World War Z. I just hope that my kids would continue reading because this really can helps them broadened their minds about everything. It can enhance their vocabulary as well, everything will just follow when you love reading.

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  1. My goodness, your girls are all grown up and they’re gorgeous!

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