Trying Another Brand

I promised my eldest daughter that I will accompany her today for shopping; she needs a pair of black shoes for school since the other one was busted already. But they have this practice for their music project so she needs to go to her classmate’s house in Calinan; she was with her other classmates when they went there. She returns past 12 already and I have to prepare yet so we can go to the mall right away. But we didn’t expect that the bank where she put her savings is close and since she has been asking for this since Sunday I just let her borrow some money so she can buy a pair of shoes. The one that she picked this time is Bandolino it is cheaper than of GIBI she have to try another brand since we notice that the latter always easily get damaged. I am not sure if her feet are really terrorizing shoes or just the shoes doesn’t have the quality. We will see this time if the Bandolino brand works for her.

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